Over the past 8 years we have worked with over 500 youth, high school, and college athletes in the Philadelphia area. Our players have had success playing with some of the top youth, club, and high school teams in the country.  Hard work pays off and our coaches are committed to helping you develop your skills to achieve any goal you set for yourself on the field.

We were just notified that Vince made the Rising Sons 2020 team and the other two teams as well.  I cannot thank you enough for preparing Vince these many years to become skilled enough to make these teams.  

     - Bob (Parent of class of 2020 player)

"Thank you for all the help along the years Gary, it has paid off tremendously" - Conner Mosebrook on his committment to Furman University (Class of 2017)

"Kyle was recently selected for the HEADStrong team.  They picked 25 out of 110 players. Thanks so much for all of your coaching.  He has really benefitted from training with you!"

​    - Cheryl

"All the little guys LOVED the training yesterday...Gary is awesome, you have a fan club.  Crew said that now his favorite sport is lacrosse.  Amazing what just one session can do!"
    - Shannon 

"Hey coach, we had our last game today and we won.  I wanted to tell you how much you helped me this season and how much more confidence I got on the field.  Thanks for helping me have my best season ever."
    - Donnie (Current member of Alvernia University Men's Lacrosse Team)

"The feedback from the boys was very positive.  They both stated emphatically that your training really taught them so much in just one hour!  They are looking forward to more...thanks for all you do."
      - Shawna

"We finished up our fall season today.  At the end of the game the coaches came up to me to let me know that he is a different player than he was in the spring.  Most of that was you...thanks again!"
      - Greg

"Donny played great on Sunday and said that he noticed a big difference after just the 2 lessons!  Not only have I noticed a difference in how my son is playing, I'm noticing an increase in his self confidence. Which is, I believe, just as important as good skills!  Thank you so much Gary for helping him." 
     - Linda

"My son enjoyed the Sunday sessions.  In fact, when we got home, he had to show his mom how to do face-offs.  Then he proceeded to practice shooting in the back yard for another 45 minutes. A big change for a frustrating season."
     - Ken

“My son, Jake, is a goalie and began working with B2B Lacrosse about a month ago.  Since that time, Jake has developed both skill and confidence in goal-tending.  Others have noticed the difference in Jake since the beginning of his lacrosse season.  I can directly attribute that to the quality of instruction that Jake is receiving from Coach Mercadante.  Jake has set a goal for himself and with this type of instruction, I am sure he will meet that goal.”  
    - Jenny

"Gary, I was very impressed with how you coached him and how quickly he picked up and applied what you taught him. I'm looking forward to seeing how he grows with this as we continue lessons.  Thanks!"
    - Mike

"Jason really looks up to you and has gained more confidence in himself.  He loves it that he has learned more technique and last night at his game the players couldn't believe it is only his first season playing! Thank you."
    - Kelly

“An update ... After working with you on face-offs, I approached Kevin's coach and asked if he could let Kevin handle some face-offs during practice.  Well, that evening, he let Kevin take a few.  He controlled each one.  In fact, he then had Kevin demonstrate and explain the technique to the rest of the midfielders!  (He was all excited.)  Since then, Kevin is playing center midfield for his line.  He's won most face-offs ... sometimes a player on the other team scoops up the ball, but you can tell that Kevin determined the direction of the ball.  You should also know that Kevin made a point to tell me something a few days later ... He told me that when you let him know that you were going to try hard against him during the face-offs, he still managed to win some of the face-offs.  So you're creating a monster!!” 
    - Ken